Learning to Care: The Care Home Staff Guide


Paperback, 22.9 x 17 cm, 144 pages
ISBN 978-1-906670-92-4

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Learning to Care: The Care Home Staff Guide is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in pursuing a professional career in caring.

Through their dedication and commitment, care homes have demonstrated the important role they play in the UK, not only in improving the quality of life for elderly and vulnerable people, but also in the survival of the NHS, which has been particularly evident in the Covid-19 pandemic.

This essential guide will appeal to care assistants currently working in a care home setting, students, those thinking of changing career, as well as voluntary carers looking after a relative or friend at home.

Learning to Care is divided into three main sections:
• Behavioural Training – which outlines detailed training for care staff and examines attitudes, behaviour and methods.
• Practical Training – which focuses on essential skills and knowledge such as care planning, nutrition, and lifting.
• Fire Training – which examines the risks, precautions and critical procedures particularly around fire safety.

Written in straightforward language and supported by helpful illustrations, Learning to Care: The Care Home Staff Guide brings together hands-on information and insightful perspectives, covering everything carers need to know in their role. This book shines a light on the skill and competency required in this often overlooked, but crucial, sector of the healthcare industry.

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