Commonwealth at 70: From Westminster to the World


Hardback, 24.99 x 29.39 cm, 366 pages
ISBN 978-1-906670-72-6

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The Commonwealth at 70: From Westminster to the World celebrates the 70th birthday of the modern Commonwealth. This thought-provoking and beautifully designed hardback book tells the detailed history of how democracy slowly grew throughout the British Empire and then the Commonwealth. It brings together key stories of best practice, acts as a springboard for further debate and trade, and prompts discussion of all aspects of the Commonwealth’s member states and the trades within. The book also offers an insight into the major Commonwealth government departments, outlining their current activities, campaigns and inspirations, and exploring the contributions that these departments have made in shaping the Commonwealth of today.

Written in association with the History of Parliament Trust, a renowned Westminster-based research organisation, The Commonwealth at 70 is a prestigious publication that provides an enduring history of one of the world’s most powerful and historical institutions.